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Old B2B Paradigm

Sales-driven Growth

Analyze, plan and manage Sales Activities

Deliver up to 25x Conversions per Ad $ spent online & optimize Sales for B2B

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New B2B Paradigm

Product(or Solution)-led Growth

Analyze and optimize Customer Affinity & Behaviour to Product(or Solution)

Broader use of AI including areas such as language optimization (e.g. Keywords, Content)


Many B2B Sellers are still relying on traditional B2B Sales & Marketing despite B2B Buyers becoming Digitally Dominant.

Even forward-thinking B2B Sellers are using Digital Marketing only to generate MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)

B2B Buyers are becoming Digitally Dominant. They are spending only 17% of their time directly interacting with all vendors.


Semantic Brain has developed

  • Software to integrate

    • Sales & Marketing functions​

    • Dataflows

  • AI to optimize Sales & Marketing processes to​

    • Maximize Revenue/Profit growth​

    • Substantially reduce Sales & Marketing Budget Waste


Semantic Brain's primary measure of Marketing success is Conversions. Our process and AI can help you achieve "up to 25x Conversions per Ad $ spend" in some areas.

Conversions include Audience activities such as - Registrations, Scheduling Meetings / Discovery Calls, Software / SDK Downloads, Setting up a Trial, etc.

These conversion increase Audience Affinity to products / services / solutions, thus help increase sales.

B2B Sales & Marketing Optimization

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Semantic Brain helps Sales Professionals better understand Prospect / Customer Affinity and Digital Behavior. This helps Sales prioritize Account and plan better thus become more effective and efficient.


The Semantic Brain solution significantly outperforms alternate Audience Acquisition approaches in two areas:

  1.  Acquire In-Market customers who are actively looking for solutions via Search Ads. Semantic Brain delivers 2-5x acquisitions per Ad $ spend.

  2. Reach out to executives / decision makers via LinkedIn

B2B Features & Dataflows

Asperios B2B for Website.drawio (5).png


Once Users are acquired Semantic Brain enables Sales and Marketig to effectively collaborate on Engagement.


Engagement is based on Affinity & Digital Behavior Analysis at the User / Account / Company level(s).

Quick Fixes

Many companies have good Website Design & Functionality, great Content, Partnerships & Referrals and execute well through traditional channels. However, many of these same companies fail to Acquire, Engage, Convert and Sell via Digital Channels due to technical issues.


Some of these technical issues can be relatively easily identified and fixed, and immediately deliver value (high ROI). 

Tactical & Strategic Evaluation

Tactical Assessments

  • Website / blog / forum content, structure and performance analysis

  • Search Engine and Referral Analysis

Strategic Analysis

  • Trends Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

    • Company​

    • Product

    • Digital Competition

Better Planning

The data gathered to optimize Sales & Marketing can also be used to plan products and grow the business.

This information can be updated on an ongoing basis at a relatively low cost.


On typical engagements, we work with B2B customers' existing Sales & Marketing staff and Agencies.


We are increasingly focusing on supporting Agencies to deliver complete Sales & Marketing Solutions using our Products & Services.

Co-Marketing and Co-Selling options are available to our agency partners.

Working with Agencies

Agencies specialize in Design, Creativity & Delivery

Semantic Brain specializes in Data, Analysis & AI

Semantic Brain

Semantic Brain offers the following set of services (using our AI) in partnership with Agencies:

  1. Website/blog/forum content, structure and performance troubleshooting and tuning

  2. Data acquisition and analytics setup

  3. Ad planning, setup and execution

  4. Competitive Analysis

  5. Business & Strategic Planning

Successful Ad Execution In

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Grow your B2B Business

Acquire, Convert & Sell

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