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Join Us: Augment Intelligence

Human + Machine > Human OR Machine.  Here at Semantic Brain Corp.(SBC) we are on a mission to Augment Financial Intelligence, and aspire to Augment Intelligence in a number of other areas over the long-term.  In order to achieve this goal we seek not just the best and the brightest talent, but also those  who share a similar vision and passion.  We also strive to create an environment that is professionally, intellectually, socially and financially rewarding. 


Join us:

augment intelligence

"Weak human + machine + superior process was greater than a strong computer and, remarkably, greater than a strong human + machine with an inferior process."

Garry Kasparov

IBM's Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov in 1997, and sparked Human vs. Machine debate.  However, in 2005 two amateurs Steven Cramton, 1685 USCF (US Chess Federation) and Zackary Stephen, 1398 USCF using 3 PCs beat super computers and grand masters.  Ever since then effective collaboration between human and machine has been proven to be unbeatable

SBC is focused on delivering effective human and machine collaboration ("the Superior Process").   The lessons learned in chess can be more effectively applied in the world of investments.  It is not just about creating the best algorithm, or the best neural network. It is about optimizing the overall process using AI / ML, Analytics, UI and Workflows.

What are we looking for?

We would love to hear from those who believe in our vision, passionate about the cause and want to make a difference at SBC.

At this point in time we are looking for

  • Rockstar UI UX Designer

  • Top Notch Front-end Developer

  • Cloud and DevOps / DevSecOps Specialist

  • Quality Engineer

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