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How Semantic Brain's Asperios solves the AI Problem?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

AI and Robotics as fields have traditionally focused their research on building autonomous systems that think and act like humans. This approach has been very successful in the past few years, and AI / Robots have exceeded human performance in a number of narrow areas (i.e. ANI), while leading to some fears AI / Robots might take over the world and make humans obsolete.

However, there are ways to collectively combine Humans with AI/Robots and other systems / tools to innovate, solve more complex problems and increase productivity.

Asperios Cyborg Approach

Asperios is a Financial Cyborg. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Online questionnaire to understand financial goals, risk tolerance and financial expertise

  • Financial data analysis and visual information representation (Charts)

  • Search and question answering

  • Alerts and periodic reports

  • Educational content recommendation

There is continuous feedback between AI and human (e.g. Investor, Investment Advisor, Wealth Manager) in Asperios. Ultimately, humans drive strategy and make the critical decisions. AI increases speed, reduces errors and accelerates learning.

The following are stakeholders and associated benefits:

  • Investors

    • Better financial decisions, ROI and Risk Management

    • Become more knowledgeable over time

  • Investment Advisors / Wealth Managers

    • Easily customize financial analysis

    • Analyze and share recommendations

    • Effectively manage 2 to 3 the numbers of clients and offer more personalized services

See it action

Note: We bring financial language models, formulas, charts, etc. The customer is expected to drive customer engagement strategy, online questionnaire design and educational content selection.

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