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Product Brief: Asperios B2B

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

B2B companies frequently face numerous challenges when attempting to boost Sales and/or reduce Marketing / Ad Waste. Asperios B2B is a Semantic Brain product that is specifically designed to address this problem by optimizing B2B Sales & Marketing using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Specifically, it delivers:

  1. Sales Optimization

    1. Asperios B2B sales recommendations are optimized based on customer affinity and behavioural analysis, and related historical sales and marketing input

  2. 2 to 5 times more Clicks & Conversions per Ad $

    1. Asperios B2B recommends Keywords, Ads, Content, Bidding and Budgeting for optimizing Clicks & Conversions

    2. Asperios B2B also recommends Re-Marketing based on customer affinity and behaviour to increase Engagement & Conversions

  3. Digital property (starting with the website) optimization for content, performance and structure to increase Engagement & Conversions

Asperios B2B's in-depth Audience Affinity & Behaviour Analytics and Ad Optimization are two of its key differentiators. We deliver these capabilities by using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Quantitative Analysis. B2B companies can use this tool to grow revenue and or to reduce Sales & Marketing costs.

How does Asperios B2B integrate with other tools?

The above diagram shows some of the key components (not all components) that integrate with Asperios B2B. Data from the company website(s) and various social media / messaging platforms is aggregated and analyzed by Asperios B2B. It is designed to work with / complement / augment CRM capabilities.

This enables effective flows such as sending LinkedIn Messages and running LinkedIn Ads to connect with executives, Marketing and Re-Marketing to increase conversions on various Accounts on Google, then following up via phone calls and emails to close deals.

What are its core functionalities?

Asperios B2B is a collection of integrated components optimized for B2B Sales and/or B2B Marketing.

Note: All components are optimized B2B, however, Sales Optimizer is the only component that is limited to B2B

Asperios B2B is a set of capabilities built on top of a core Data and AI layer that includes:

  1. Data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads and Social Media. This captures and organizes user behaviour on customer web assets, social media and search engines.

  2. NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze Search Queries, Ad Keywords and Content (the text component in content)

  3. Domain-Expertise-Centric AI: Is AI optimized for marketing and finance, by capturing business knowledge to engineer and select features (input fed into AI model)

Interactions Manager: 1) Capture data not collected by Google Analytics and other tools (e.g. Company and Account information), 2) Deliver functionalities such as Smart Pop-Ups to increase Engagement and Conversions.

Sales Optimizer: Analyze (e.g. measure affinity and trends) at User, Account, and Customer levels to Describe / Predict / Diagnose / Prescribe Sales actions.

Marketing / Ad Optimizer: 1) Marketing: Optimize keywords, Ads, content and bidding upon launching Ad Campaigns and continuously improve inputs, 2) Re-Marketing: Optimize for who, what, where and when based on existing Audience behaviour.

Social Media Optimizer: Perform social media content analysis and make intervention/influence recommendations.

Question Answering & Conversations: Integrate with state-of-the-art Chatbot and NLP systems to deliver seamless Question Answering & Conversation capabilities. This capability is only presently available as a custom solution.

Why Asperios B2B?

NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Quantitative Analysis technologies have advanced significantly and the ability to collect the right Data has also improved. However, these innovations are mostly being applied in B2C Marketing and/or closed ecosystems (e.g., Google, LinkedIn).

Asperios B2B takes an integrated approach to B2B Sales and Marketing, and utilizes state-of-the-art NLP and Quantitative Analysis techniques to deliver better results. It is also optimized to work with the increasingly Digitally Dominant B2B Buyer Behaviour.

How to get started?

For demos, additional info and/or setup help contact Joe Anandarajah at

To self-register click this link

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