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Revolutionizing Your Marketing and Sales with Semantic Brain's AI

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

As the field of Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve, businesses and marketers are increasingly seeking innovative ways to leverage AI to generate high-quality marketing content and improve their marketing strategies. One of the most talked about developments in AI is ChatGPT, which has garnered significant excitement in the industry.

However, while many are focused on the potential for tools like ChatGPT to create large volumes of content faster, few recognize the immense potential for accurate text analysis that has emerged alongside it.

Semantic Brain is a company at the forefront of leveraging this potential, using advanced text and quantitative analysis techniques to generate valuable insights and recommendations to help businesses maximize the value of AI.

In this article, we cover the following use cases that illustrate the value of Semantic Brain's approach to text analysis and AI-generated content

We also articulate how this approach can help "Deliver up to 25x More Conversions per Ad $ Spent" and "Generate High-Quality Content up to 20x Faster".

Data Acquisition & Analytics - ConversionAI

Website Data Acquisition & Analytics

Semantic Brain can help you quickly set up your website's Data Acquisition & Analytics Infrastructure by integrating with

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • Google Ads

This information can be combined with external data (e.g. content, backlinks and competitor info) for holistic text and quantitative data acquisition and analysis.

For example, within Google Analytics you can analyze User Flows/Behaviour. This gives you the ability to understand what users are doing on your website.

User Flow

Adding Semantic Brain's text analytics capabilities on the other hand helps you understand why users are doing what they are doing on your websites. It can help you quantify and visualize text info, and validate positioning, brand voice and brand language alignment. This type of analysis can help you take corrective action that can help you improve Engagement and Conversion Rates.

The following instance employs Semantic Brain AI to scrutinize an article's emotional content. The writer aimed to express that ChatGPT is an immensely potent tool, yet it has its upsides (such as joy) and downsides (such as sadness). By integrating it with other technologies, one can attain superior results. On the whole, this technology is highly commendable and beneficial (thus one can have faith in it).

Emotional Content Analysis

Social Media Data Acquisition & Analytics

In addition to analyzing website data, Semantic Brain can also conduct social media analysis for various platforms including LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. By integrating with these social media channels, Semantic Brain can gather valuable insights into user engagement, sentiment analysis, and demographics.

These insights can be used to improve social media marketing strategies, identify key influencers, and track brand reputation. By combining this social media data with other external data sources, Semantic Brain offers a comprehensive approach to data acquisition and analysis for businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of their online presence.

Optimization - ConversionAI

While many SEO and advertising solutions on the market focus on assessing keyword difficulty and optimizing for long-tail keywords, Semantic Brain's ConversionAI takes a more advanced approach. ConversionAI conducts complex analysis to identify the most effective ad groups, keywords, and content and offers ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure maximum performance.

Unlike traditional ad campaigns that are often set up once and left to rely on manual monitoring, Semantic Brain's ConversionAI leverages machine learning and natural language processing to continuously optimize ad performance, resulting in up to 25x More Conversions per Ad $ Spent.

While the competition offers generic solutions, Semantic Brain's ConversionAI is optimized for B2B, providing customized and targeted analysis and optimization to meet the unique needs of B2B marketing and sales.

25x More Conversions per Ad $

Marketing (Ad & Content) Optimization

Acquisition Ad Launch

The usual scenario for engaging with a customer involves the customer selecting a product that requires marketing in one to three countries, along with providing an overall budget. ConversionAI is utilized to conduct a semantic analysis of the website and product descriptions, which is then combined with cost data from external sources. Using this information, ConversionAI analysis generates country-specific recommendations, which include:

  • Keywords

  • Negative Keywords

  • Ad & Content (e.g. Landing Page Content)

  • Bid Price

  • Budget per Country

In the example below the user inputs were - product description/keywords and US $5000/month Ad spend in the US. ConversionAI recommends a Max-Bid-Price of $4.11 and forecasts 1216 clicks/acquisitions per month. It also recommends associated Keywords, Negative Keywords, Ads & Content (not captured in the screenshot).

Max-Bid-Price vs. Clicks vs. Spend

Acquisition Ad Management

After launching their ads, many companies engage in passive monitoring through manual methods. For example, when companies use Google Ads to launch their ads, they mainly depend on Google Ads to monitor them.

ConversionAI, a product of Semantic Brain, offers a superior approach by utilizing its proprietary AI algorithms to modify and update keywords, negative keywords, and bid pricing. This tuning can be completed within a few days and on a modest budget, allowing ConversionAI to quickly optimize ads for the countries where they were initially launched. By using this data, ConversionAI can further expand the audience within the same country or launch ads in additional countries, resulting in optimal outcomes.

Additionally, ConversionAI stands out from other options because it is capable of aggregating data from multiple sources, resulting in more detailed and granular data. This capability is a key differentiator for the product, allowing it to provide more comprehensive and accurate insights for optimizing ads.

Note: At this stage, ConversionAI optimizes Acquisition Ads for both Acquisition and Conversion.

Conversion Ad (Re-Marketing) Optimization

While some companies may not engage in re-marketing, others tend to utilize simplistic methods such as re-marketing to their entire user base or audience acquired through advertisements. An instance of a simple approach is acquiring an audience through Search Ads and subsequently utilizing Google's Search Ad re-marketing feature to target all of those customers.

However, Semantic Brain's Conversion takes a more comprehensive approach by collecting data from multiple sources and conducting thorough behavioural analyses. This information is then utilized to deliver re-marketing efforts to the most appropriate users, content, and timing.

Case Study

This case study details our ad campaign for a technology startup with approximately $10M in funding. The campaign involved launching ads in both the United States and India, with a total expenditure of $2,640 over a four-month duration. In the US, we solely executed Acquisition Ads, which led to a notable 9.7x boost in the number of conversions. Conversely, in India, we executed both Acquisition and Conversion Ads (i.e. Re-Marketing), which yielded an astounding 54x increase in the number of conversions.

4 Months prior to Ad Launch

4 Months of Ads

Sales Optimization

The behavioural analysis methods utilized for optimizing Conversion Ads can also be applied to Sales optimization. Google Analytics tracks individual user behaviour, essentially creating a sales funnel, and this data can be used to prioritize customers and engage them with relevant content at the appropriate time. ConversionAI employs behavioural analysis techniques on this information to assist in identifying and targeting the most promising customers.

Sales Funnel in Google Analytics

Generation - ComposeAI

The aim of Semantic Brain's ComposeAI is to aid B2B companies in producing top-notch content in a shorter timeframe. Its features are geared toward creating effective sales emails, blog posts, ads, and social media content. Our primary objectives, in order of importance, are Sales, Conversions, Acquisitions, and SEO.

End-to-End Solution

ComposeAI is a blend of OpenAI's GPT and Semantic Brain's Quality Enhancement Module. The latter is equipped with advanced text analytics and editing functions to enhance content quality.

ComposeAI can be utilized on its own or in tandem with ConversionAI. As a standalone tool, it can generate high-quality content 10 times faster. When used with ConversionAI, it produces even better content up to 20 times faster, as ConversionAI provides some prompts that reduce the need for human intervention and guesswork.

New Content Generation

With ComposeAI, generating high-quality content can be done much more efficiently. This content can be produced either as a standalone task or as part of a marketing or sales campaign. When used in conjunction with a marketing or sales campaign, ConversionAI can provide suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of ComposeAI-generated content.

Existing Content Enhancement

Improving the quality and effectiveness of existing content can be a highly profitable investment, as companies often opt to enhance their existing content as part of rebranding, mergers and acquisitions, expansion, and quality control efforts.


It's worth noting that translating content and making it available in multiple languages can significantly expand your reach and increase affinity with potential customers, ultimately leading to increased sales. However, it's important to keep in mind that while ConversionAI can provide accurate translations (up to 133 languages), it's still recommended to proofread the content to ensure its quality and clarity.

Business Services

Semantic Brain also provides the following business services that leverage the capabilities of ConersionAI and ComposeAI

  • Digital Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Report

    • This is a digital-specific market and competitive intelligence report. Provides information on demand for search keywords, and competition on Google Ads.

  • Data, Analytics and AI Recommendations for Digital Marketing & B2B Sales

    • The B2B Sales part is directly linked to Digital Marketing (i.e. B2B Sales elements that are not linked to Digital Marketing are not covered)

  • Digital Marketing & Sales Strategy Advisory Services


To sum up, ChatGPT represents a major advancement in the realm of text-generating AI, and its potential for transforming the process of marketing content creation is significant. Semantic Brain, through its innovative products ConversionAI and ComposeAI, has taken this technology to the next level by integrating cutting-edge text and quantitative analytics capabilities, poised to revolutionize the entire marketing and sales industry. This integration is proven to yield up to 25 times more conversions on ad spend and is expected to result in the production of high-quality content up to 20 times faster.


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