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ConversionAI B2B

Grow B2B Bigger, Faster & Cost-Effectively

Deliver up to 25x More Conversions per Ad $ spent

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps enhance Ads & Content

  • Quantitative Analysis helps improve Bidding, Budget 
    Planning and Placement

  • Results in more and higher quality leads

B2B Account Behavioural Analysis drives

  • Improvements in Sales follow-up prioritization and timing

  • Re-Marketing and engagement optimization to close more Sales

  • Cross Sales & Marketing budget optimization

ConversionAI Marketing

Core Intelligent Marketing B2B + B2C

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 8.53.54 PM.png

Intelligent Interactions Manager (IIM): Data capture and AI driven Pop-Ups designed to increase Engagement on website

Brand Maximization: Optimize online Ads for higher growth and increased engagement while lowering acquisition costs

PR & Press Placement: Analysis for cost-effective PR & Press Placement

Sales Acceleration: Initially limited to B2B. Likely support B2C in future (especially high value customers)

Question Answering & Conversations: Chatbot to increase Engagement and reduce support costs

Internet_Marketing-AI.drawio (3).png

Deliver 2x+ value on Internet Marketing by increasing

  1. Cost-effective Acquisition

  2. Total Engagement

  3. Goal Completion / Conversion

Acquire more data using IIM and other tools

Complete testing at a lower cost point

Demonstrate business scalability and secure funding 


Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 7.51.05 PM.png

Increase Return & Reduce Risk for Institutional Investors

Intelligent alerts based on thresholds and anomalies

Magnitude and / or direction prediction for equities, and risk alerts

High-yield and low volatility Long-Short and Call-Put micro portfolios with 5 / 10 day trades

Conversational Interfaces for complex charting and reports

Asperios Finance Long Picks

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-06 at 5.13.39 PM (2).jpeg

Direction accuracy ~70%

Magnitude change greater in direction of prediction

Asperios Finance Simulations (5 day trades)

Finance Simulations.png

Asperios trades were held for 5 days unless stop loss criterion was met

S&P 500, RUSSELL 1000, RUSSELL 2000 returns are based on market price changes. Volatility based on End Of Day (EOD) price.

BizML Framework


Software and Process used to build Asperios Marketing & Finance

External Data to augment Internal Data

Exploratory Data Analysis on both External & Internal Data

Feature Engineering and Feature Selection to significantly improve Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Model Training, Deployment & Evaluation

BizML Solutions.drawio (1).png

Can work with less data

  • Supports many more use cases


Reduce initial Time-To-Market by at least 50%

Reduce compute requirements by 70% or more

Typically improve accuracy by 5% to 20%

  • Alternatively reduce error rates by 10% to 50%

Rapidly add more functionality faster by leveraging Microservices Architecture and Agile Delivery

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