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Semantic Brain delivers Secure Reliable AI

AI-Powered Planning and Execution

for Product Managers

Planning: AI-Supported

Execution: AI-Supported or AI-Automated

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Traditional AI Problem


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Tradition AI Enhancements

BizML implements Feature Engineering & Selection to

  • Increase Accuracy up to 20% / Reduce Error Rates up to 50% of ML models

  • Reduce Data Requirements

    • Lowers cost and initial investment requirements​

    • Fewer projects constrained by data availability

LLM/Agent Performance Boosting

  • Traditional AI accuracy improvement drives LLM/Agent optimization

  • Specific prompting using fewer tokens drive

    • Increase reliability(i.e.reduce hallucination risk)

    • Cost savings

    • Faster responses

BizML delivers a powerful planning tool to Planners such as Product Managers.

Semantic Query

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Semantic Query is an LLM implementation that

  • Enables Planners and Executors to access data sources using natural language

  • Translates business objectives and plans into AI/ML instructions

  • Help planner interpret data and results

  • Acts as a wizard for overall solution

Essentially, it improves Planners' accessibility and ease of use.

Semantic Brain Platform

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Super-Intelligent Workflows

Build on BizML to drive Productivity, Enterprise Transformation and Risk & Compliance Management

Integrate LLMs

  • Semantic Query: Natural language query of data sources and application wizard.

  • Semantic Graph(future)

    • Map multiple domains(e.g., quant and language) at scale

    • Unique insights with graph analytics


Enable New Use Case Types

  • Periodic Reports: Automated complex/multi-step reports

  • Notifications: Alert users on important/relevant events 

  • Topic Prediction: Predict user queries and information needs to improve interaction 

Semantic Shield

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AI Security, Safety & Alignment - Open Source Initiative

LLM/Generative AI are more intelligent and require more security

Add Semantic Shield, and integrate with your AI and DevSecOps stack


  • Secure Confidential/Sensitive Information

  • Protect AI from misbehaving users

  • Protect users from misbehaving AI

Architecture & Approach​

  • Network DMZ-Inspired architecture

  • Shift left approach to AI security

  • Integrate AI innovation with proven security best practices


Ad Optimization for Google, LinkedIn and YouTube

ConversionAI explanatory video

Watch Explainer Video (1:48)

Acquisition Ads/Marketing
Semantic Analysis recommends

  • Campaign Structure, Keywords, Negative Keywords, Content, Bidding, Budget

  • Up to 5x Acquisitions per Ad $ Spend

Conversion Ads/Remarketing
Behavioural Analysi
s recommends

  • Target Audience: Who, When, How Much

  • Up to 5x Conversions per Ad $ Spend

Combined: Up 25x Conversions per Ad $ Spend

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