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Semantic Brain delivers Secure Reliable AI

Dependable Secure AI Driven

Innovation, Growth & Transformation

Helping you move from pilot to production, and enabling
the delivery of powerful new AI capabilities with

A novel approach to AI Dependability & Security!

Semantic Shield

Logical view of Semantic Shield implementation to add AI Security, Safety and Alignment
Physical view of Semantic Shield implementation to add AI Security, Safety and Alignment

AI Security, Safety & Alignment - Open Source Initiative

LLM/Generative AI are more intelligent and require more security

Add Semantic Shield, and integrate with your AI and DevSecOps stack


  • Secure Confidential/Sensitive Information

  • Protect AI from misbehaving users

  • Protect users from misbehaving AI

Architecture & Approach​

  • Network DMZ-Inspired architecture

  • Shift left approach to AI security

  • Integrate AI innovation with proven security best practices

Semantic Brain Platform

Generative AI & Analytics Platform

Semantic Brain Platform architecture for Secure Reliable AI

Secure Reliable AI drives Product Innovation, Startup Growth and Enterprise Transformation


​Language First

  • Vector DBs for Language Knowledge

  • Engineer Prompts/Fine-tune LLMs

Increase understanding of domain, and deliver on brand voice for Conversational AI​

Quantitative on top

  • Plugins: Domain-specific data and formulas

    • Can be consumed directly by Conversational AI 

  • Analytics

    • Domain Features: Proprietary Feature Engineering

      • 5% to 20% increase in Accuracy or 10% to 50% reduction in Error Rate

      • 50%+ reduction in Data, Compute, Staffing, Time


Ad Optimization for Google, LinkedIn and YouTube

ConversionAI explanatory video

Watch Explainer Video (1:48)

Acquisition Ads/Marketing
Semantic Analysis recommends

  • Campaign Structure, Keywords, Negative Keywords, Content, Bidding, Budget

  • Up to 5x Acquisitions per Ad $ Spend

Conversion Ads/Remarketing
Behavioural Analysi
s recommends

  • Target Audience: Who, When, How Much

  • Up to 5x Conversions per Ad $ Spend

Combined: Up 25x Conversions per Ad $ Spend

People Solutions

AI strategy, solutions and security services

People Solutions for AI Strategy, Solutions & Security

We work with you to deliver

AI Strategy

  • Use Cases, Functionality, Trends, Tech Stack, Product/Enterprise Architecture

AI Solutions

  • Business Requirements, System Specs, Solution Architecture, Machine Learning, Move to Prod

  • Leverage the Semantic Brain Platform where possible

AI Security, Safety & Alignment

  • Leverage Semantic Shield where possible

  • Custom development where necessary

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