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Asperios B2B

Delivering 2-5x Clicks & Conversions per Ad dollar and Sales Optimization for B2B


Tech Stack

We are offering custom design and development services based on the following Tech Stack. 

Front End

C3/D3, HTML / CSS / JS, React, Flutter


NLTK, SpaCy, Rasa, WordNet, ELMo, BERT, XLNet


TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost


SQL, Graph DB (Neo4j), Elastic, InfluxDB, ManifoldCF, Tika


Python, JavaScript, Java


OAuth 2.0, OIDC, Datafari


Our Architecture

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Semantic Brain unique?

Semantic Brain is an Artificial Intelligence startup based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our products are designed to be used by Marketing and Finance professionals (not just Data Scientists) to build AI, and incorporates numerous AI modules pre-optimized for Marketing / Finance.

What is Domain-Expertise-Centric AI? Why should customers implement it?

Domain-Expertise-Centric AI is Semantic Brain's variation / enhancement of Data-Centric AI for Marketing and Finance. We leverage Marketing / Financial expertise to Capture Data, perform Exploratory Data Analysis  and to Engineer & Select Features. This substantially improves Signal-to-Noise Ratio which increases Accuracy up to 20%, and reduces Time-To-Market by 50% and Compute by 70%.

What is Asperios Marketing?

Asperios Marketing is our Internet Marketing analysis and optimization product that has helped our customers significantly improve Acquisition, Engagement and Goal Completion / Conversion - E.g., Increase Clicks per dollar by ~400% and Goal Completions / Conversions by ~180%. Assets and channels analyzed include - Website, Organic Search, Search Ads, Display Ads, Social, Referral and Email.

What is Asperios Finance?

Asperios Finance is our Investor Dashboard and Predictive Analytics solution. Its Predictive Analytics has been used to simulate Long-Short equity trades and resulted in 3x Market Returns and 5x Risk adjusted Returns (i.e., Sharpe Ratio).


What is BizML?

BizML is our Domain-Expertise-Centric AI based Framework that is both software and process; that is used to capture, grow and amplify Expertise within a company. This Framework can be used by Semantic Brain and/or its clients to develop custom solutions.


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