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"Augmenting (Financial) Intelligence"

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State-of-the-Art Predictions, Explanations & 1000x (Investment) Analysis

Semantic Brain is built to deliver > 1000x Investment Analysis, and Second Brain functionality. Its Conversational Style Interface is far more versatile, and its Graph Centric DB is designed for intelligence, scale and performance.

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Asperios, AI helps Invest with Confidence

Enables easier and faster Data Analysis, Visualization and Understanding; thus delivering better and quicker decisions.

  • Functions: Financial Calculations, Charts, Periodic Reports, Chat, Search and Q&A

  • Channels: Web, Hybrid, Mobile

Our Solutions

We are offering components of our product offering as individual solutions to our customers.



Perform financial / technical / portfolio / risk analysis


Deliver conversations that go beyond FAQs


Enable better data visualization using JS / Python charts

Ingest & Search

Ingest structred and unstructured data from various sources and search


All asset specific analysis automatically captured as reports


Question Answering based on entire dataset

Our Tech Stack

We are offering custom design and development services based on the following Tech Stack. 

Front End

C3/D3, HTML / CSS / JS, React, Flutter


NLTK, SpaCy, Rasa, WordNet, ELMo, BERT, XLNet


TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost


SQL, Graph DB (Neo4j), Elastic, InfluxDB, ManifoldCF, Tika


Python, JavaScript, Java


OAuth 2.0, OIDC, Datafari


Our Architecture

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your business?

Semantic Brain is an Artificial Intelligence Startup based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our products are built to deliver > 1000x Investment Analysis, and Second Brain functionality to Investors.

How do you deliver > 1000x Investment Analysis?

Almost all Financial Applications are currently limited by drop-down menu and legacy database capabilities. Our Conversational Style Interface is far more versatile (relative to drop down menus), and our Graph Centric DB is designed for intelligence, scale and performance.

What is the Semantic Brain component?

The Semantic Brain component combines structured (e.g., Market Data) and unstructured (e.g., SEC Filings, Social Media) data into multiple purpose built databases interlinked via a graph database. It also contains NLP/ML/AI components that continuously learn and update content.

What is the Second Brain?

Our products direct user attention through Intelligent Alerts and Intelligent multi-screen/window/tab launch. Furthermore, user behaviour and note taking is used to teach Semantic Brain. These capabilities combined enable Cognitive Offloading and Intelligence Augmentation like a Second Brain.

What is FAML?

FAML (Financial Analysis and Management Language) is a langage built by Semantic Brain to increase versatility and robustness of financial applications. FAML is designed to provide interactive access (e.g., Q&A) in conjunction with Chatbots, and programmatic access (e.g., Set Alerts) like a high level scripting language

What does your Product Line look like?

We presently have two products, Asperios and Asperios Notes. Asperios is the Investment Analysis App, and is available as an App Plugin and Standalone App. Asperios Notes is our note taking tool for Investment Analysis, which is available as a separate Browser Plugin and is also embedded into Asperios.

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