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Never Worked

Up to 25x Conversions per Ad $ Spent.

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Improved Audience Targeting, Better Keywords, More Conversions!
It's really that simple.

Before ConversionAI was integrated, the client's campaigns only generated 10 conversions in the United States and 14 in India over a 4-Month period...

Fewer Conversions before Semantic Brain's ConversionAI
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4 months after integrating ConversionAI, Acquisition Ad campaign conversions in the United States grew to


(9.7x increase)

Executing both Acquisition & Conversion Ad campaigns in India conversions skyrocketed to


(54x increase)

A total of


was spent

Conversions by country after implementing Semantic Brain's ConversionAI

Best results were achieved by individually optimizing Acquisition and Conversion Ads and integrating the campaigns...


Are you tired of blindly guessing which keywords will drive conversions for your brand?

Look no further! Our Conversion Al technology digs deep into your brand's website,
social media, and customer feedback to uncover the most relevant keywords for your
Google ads. By utilizing these insights, we were able to craft highly targeted ads that
resonated with customers and skyrocketed conversions by a staggering 25x!
Say goodbye to generic ads and hello to a deeper understanding of your audience,
allowing you to create campaigns that are truly valuable to them. Upgrade your
marketing strategy and see the results for yourself.

Try ConversionAl today!

Semantic Brain Corp Video - JA.png
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