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Reimagine with Semantic Brain

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Semantic Brain Platform: Your Gateway to Innovation, Growth, and Transformation. Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts introducing the Semantic Brain Platform for Generative AI and Analytics. This post offers a high-level overview, while future articles will explore specific solutions in greater detail.


ChatGPT/Generative AI marked not only a leap forward but also a paradigm shift. To unlock its full potential, companies must reevaluate their AI strategies. This entails customizing language and generative AI for their unique needs, aligning with business goals, and addressing specific risks and challenges in this domain.

1 - Launching Legacy AI in large corporations demanded substantial initial investments in data infrastructure and the assembly of highly skilled, high-cost teams, leading to elevated startup expenses.

Do You Still Require Custom AI Solutions?

In an age of commercial Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Bard, it's natural to wonder if bespoke AI solutions still hold relevance. While these LLMs offer powerful functionality, they come with a significant limitation—they lack access to your organization's internal data. This limitation underscores the continued need for custom AI solutions tailored to the unique requirements of enterprises.

However, it's important to note that the investment required to implement Language and Generative AI solutions(relative to Legacy AI solutions) has evolved significantly. In the subsequent sections of this article, we will delve into the specifics of how the landscape has changed and how enterprises can navigate this transformation with a much more cost-effective approach.

Semantic Brain Platform Architecture & Approach

The Semantic Brain Platform has been architected to deliver maximum value/ROI and scalability. These results are achieved by

  1. Maximum Value/ROI:

    1. Language AI, rapidly advancing in power, serves as the foundation, with Quantitative AI layered on top.

    2. Semantic Brain has developed a lightweight approach to Quantitative AI that improves accuracy.

  2. Scalability:

    1. Modular components

    2. Additional functionality can be incorporated with minimal/no re-engineering.

      1. Learning propagated from Data -> Domain Knowledge -> Domain Services -> Orchestration

Semantic Brain Quantitative AI

Semantic Brain's Quantitative AI derives its power from BizML, a technology that blends domain expertise with our proprietary Feature Engineering and Selection methods.

Typical results are

  • Improve accuracy by 5% to 20%, if accuracy is below 80% (a conservative estimate, but depends on the problem and availability of data)

    • For example, if the current solution accuracy is 60% our approach will typically increase accuracy from 63% to 72%

  • Reduce recommendation error rate by 10% to 50%, when accuracy is above 80%

    • For example, if the current solution accuracy is 90% our approach will typically increase accuracy from 91% to 95%

  • Reduce ML computing needs by more than 70%

  • Reduce AI/ML development time by up to 50%

  • Substantial staffing cost savings (more than $250K)

  • Substantial project risk reduction

Note: A 5% to 20% increase in accuracy often translates into much higher ROI.

Financial Services Example

The Semantic Brain Platform has proven its worth by creating tailored solutions for the financial services sector, as well as the digital marketing and B2B sales domains. In this section, we present a solution stack diagram and content as a tangible example of the Semantic Brain Platform's impact on the financial services industry, shedding light on its potential applications across various domains.

Core Components of the Semantic Brain Platform:

1. Plugins - Finance:

  • Finance Plugins seamlessly integrate with Language AI, enabling the retrieval of financial data, execution of financial calculations, and generation of financial charts. This fusion of Language AI specialized in finance, along with Finance Plugins, unlocks numerous potent functionalities, making in-depth and precise financial analysis accessible even to individuals with limited financial expertise, all in record time.

  • Semantic Shield represents an open-source endeavour centred on AI Safety, Security, and Alignment, blending various AI innovations with established security protocols.

3. Google Analytics 4 Integration:

  • Google Analytics 4 serves as the cornerstone for retrieving invaluable Product, Marketing and Sales data. It provides a standardized, comprehensive approach to gathering critical insights that drive informed decision-making.

Note: Language AI and Quantitative AI have already been covered above.

Other Notable Components:

  • ConversionAI, an Ad Optimization tool developed on the Semantic Brain Platform, enhances Marketing through Semantic Analysis and improves Remarketing through Behavioral Analysis. When combined, it can deliver a staggering increase of up to 25 times more Conversions per Ad Dollar spent.

5. ComposeAI:

  • ComposeAI is a lead generation tool that streamlines the process. It conducts Semantic Analysis on platforms like LinkedIn and other sources, such as public companies' securities filings, automating the research for Accounts and Leads. Utilizing this research, it crafts personalized LinkedIn or Email messages. This tool significantly reduces the total time required for research and content generation by a remarkable 20-fold.

Conclusion & Recommendations

ChatGPT and Generative AI represent a transformative leap in the world of AI. They not only offer high ROI potential but also demand lower initial investments and entail lower execution risks. Semantic Brain has embraced this paradigm shift by crafting our innovative platform. Leveraging Language and Generative AI as its foundation layer and enhancing it with lightweight, highly accurate Quantitative AI, the Semantic Brain Platform stands out.

Moreover, the Semantic Brain Platform seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console, granting it access to vital SEO, Marketing, and Usage Analytics data. These integrated capabilities empower businesses across various sectors, fostering Product Innovation, Startup Growth, and Enterprise Transformation, ultimately leading to superior outcomes.

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