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Shifting Focus to Asperios Marketing

Updated: May 29, 2022

Semantic Brain is focusing more on AI based Marketing moving forward, due to its initial customer traction and very encouraging results (e.g. Ad Optimization delivered 4x improvement).

See content below to better understand how we are planning to radically transform Internet Marketing using AI, and better understand why and how we switched focus from Finance to Marketing.

Asperios Marketing

Asperios Marketing is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) centric Semantic Brain product offering that is designed to address Internet Marketing needs of companies delivering knowledge-based products and/or services. Our initial and current focus is Lead Generation Optimization which includes

  1. Lowering the cost of user Acquisition (4x improvement achieved)

  2. Increasing user Engagement metrics: Pages / Sessions, Avg. Session Duration, Revisits

  3. Increasing Goal Completion Rate metrics: Subscriptions, registrations, downloads

  4. Combining 1, 2 & 3 to achieve more and higher quality Leads per incremental dollar of investment

Our underlying validated hypothesis is that conversion is an easier problem to solve when you have more higher quality leads.

The chart below identifies what Asperios Marketing can deliver as value to customers over time. Many of the benefits identified below can be delivered in parallel (i.e., it doesn't have to sequential)

Goal: Deliver 2x from Internet Marketing

What is Asperios Marketing?

Asperios Marketing is a set of capabilities built on top of core Data and AI layer that includes:

  • Data from (but not limited to) Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads and SEMRush. This captures and organizes user behaviour on customer web assets and search engines.

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze Search Queries, Ad Keywords and content (the text components in content)

  • Domain-Expertise-Centric AI: Is AI optimized for marketing by capturing business knowledge to engineer and select features (input fed into AI model)

Asperios Marketing Product Framework

Intelligent Notifications: Are AI triggered widgets that are designed to increase Engagement. This feature also has its own data and analytics, which is combined with Google and SEMRush data mentioned above.

Ad Optimization: AI initially optimizes Ad Keywords, Ad Headlines, Ad Description, Content, Max-Bid-Price, and Budget to lower cost per click. AI can then refine Ads on an ongoing basis to improve Engagement and Goal Completion.

Social Media Optimization: Similar to Ad Optimization but focused on social media. Social Media Ads and other Ads (e.g., Search and Display Ads) share some common characteristics.

PR & Press Placement Optimization: Similar to Ad Optimization but focused on PR & Press Placement. However, opportunities to iterate tend to be limited. Question Answering & Conversations: This set of capabilities increases the level of engagement in end users who are already interested in the company and its product(s) / services.

Domain-Expertise-Centric AI and BizML

BizML is our proprietary ML framework (software and process) based on Domain-Expertise-Centric AI, that delivers higher accuracy and better optimization through Exploratory Data Analysis, Feature Engineering & Selection

BizML Framework

AI Microservices and Agile Development

As customers grow (or large enterprises) they will have the ability to build leading AI enterprises using AI Microservices composed by BizML and delivered using Agile Methodology.

BizML Deployment Architecture

Asperios Finance

Asperios Finance (image below) and Asperios Marketing have identical architecture and are built using the same framework (BizML), however, data sources and UI are different. The transition from Asperios Finance to Asperios Marketing was relatively easy as they both shared common building blocks.

Asperios Finance Product Framework

Why shift to Asperios Marketing?

We decided to shift our focus to Asperios Marketing as customer demand and adoption was faster. We also noticed that we were adding significant value to our customers.

Relatively speaking sales cycles were much longer in the Finance space. Also, Financial Market volatility as shown by the VIX chart below has been high during the last 6 months (or even last 2 yrs +). Crypto Market downturn / volatility has also negatively impacted this space. Upon considering all these factors we decided to shift our focus to Asperios Marketing.

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